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Welcome to Nordegg

We are a small place, but anything but sleepy. We offer travellers, explorers and outdoorsmen an affordable Western getaway tucked away amongst the most sought after natural attractions in Western Canada. With largely unspoiled countryside, crisp mountain air, and crystal blue waters you’ll want to simply stop and look -- but truthfully, we don’t want to encourage that. Get out and play or come here to stay, permanently! Nordegg isn’t just meant to be looked at, it’s meant to be explored!

Get Grounded

What if I told you there is a place to play; where the rides are made from rivers, trails and mountains waiting to be carved. Where there’s rocks to climb, ice to scale and mud to cake your tires. This is the Adventurer’s Playground, tucked between the North Saskatchewan River along the eastern slopes of the Alberta Rockies, hosting every attraction known to nature in Western Canada.

In a time when we’ve been told there is no new frontier, the road less travelled is the road most desired. Go to your playground. Come to Nordegg.

 Never make the road less travelled the road not taken. You may miss an adventure that was only meant for you.